Counter Jade Helm

[CJH] Is a training exercise for the citizens, and not affiliated with the military's Jade Helm 2015 exercise.

About Counter Jade Helm

Counter Jade Helm, aka CJH, is a training exercise for the people. In response to the military's multi-state training, called Jade Helm 2015, citizens will participate in an unofficial fashion to practice counter-insurgency, organizational and intelligence gathering and reporting skills.

CJH is not affiliated with the military's training exercise.

The objective is not to stop or countermand the military's training, but to practice our own skills. Anyone can participate. Groups within each state that will play host to the military are being established to streamline the process. Individuals not wishing to be affiliated with a group can also submit information to this website for analysis and publishing.>Vermilion adopts a business or commercial centric visual model, with corporate background shades interwoven with configurable, vibrant or brand colors, allowing for an equilibrium between professionalism and artistic allure.

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Counter Jade Helm

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About Jade Helm 15

Members of U.S. Army Special Operations Command will train with other U.S Armed Forces units July 15 through Sept. 15 in a multi-state exercise called Jade Helm 15.

The training exercise will be conducted on private and public land with the permission of the private landowners, and from state and local authorities. In essence, all exercise activity will be taking place on pre-coordinated public and private lands.

View USASOC Press Release

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What This Is, and Is Not

  • Training Opportunity +

    CJH is an opportunity for groups and individuals to train in organizational skills, logistics coordination, intel and counterintelligence operations
  • Facts and Verficiation +

    All information collected will be verified using many resources.
  • Truth, and Plain Text +

    CJH is not about conspiracy theories. This exercise is not about the what-ifs of our government.
  • Here to Help +

    Those participating in CJH are here to train, not thwart or stop any government action or training mission.
  • CJH Supports our Military +

    Again, the objective is not to stop or thwart our military's training, but to augment and get some training in of our own.
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